Thursday, January 1, 2015

Janet's trip to Cincinnati

On December 16, I flew to Indianapolis, because that was the date and the destination closest to what I needed to help the kids drive two vans home, for an amazing $19 ticket price!!  Jeffrey and Beth drove there to get me and bring me back to God's Bible School.  Jeffrey cleverly told different ones, "We met halfway; Mother flew two hours and we drove two hours."  :)  That evening was open dorms, where anyone can visit the dorms during certain hours.  We were too late for open girls' dorm, but we did get to go in the boys' dorm and see some of their rooms.  I mainly wanted to be able to see my own boys' room, having only seen it on video chat before.  
The next morning, I had the distinct privilege of visiting with my dear sister- and brother-in-law Becky and Ron Profitt, who were visiting their sons for Christmas break.  They live in Grand Cayman, so I had not seen Becky since 2008 and even longer for Ron!  Becky is the dear person who "picked me out for her youngest brother Rowen" so she will always have a very special place in my heart.  She was the dorm mother my second year of Bible School back in 1982-3.
 My three college kids and I ate lunch with Ron and Becky.  Beth was taking this picture.
 After that meal, Jason and I went to see my lifetime friend, Retha, over in Kentucky.  She has kind of adopted my kids at GBS.  I always like to visit her when I am in the area.
 I took this cute picture of Jason sitting on her stairs to the basement.  I loved seeing all her Christmas decorations that Jeffrey and Beth helped her put up this year.
On the next day, Jeffrey, Beth, and I went to visit our friends the Dickinsons.  They are missionaries to Columbia and Argentina.  They visited briefly in our home a couple of years ago.  Beth and Jeffrey have enjoyed attending church with them and meals in their Cincinnati home while they were in the states to have their new baby Abigail--who was so sweet to let me hold her and eventually get her to sleep for a nap!
Not all of the family was available for the picture below.  The Dickinsons were so sweet to let us come over for a little visit in the very busiest week of their lives.  They had just the day before bought their tickets back to Columbia for returning there on Christmas Day.  We love these dear friends and appreciate their "poured-out lives" for Jesus.
 Later that evening, we went with Ron and Becky to Panera Bread for a meal together and long visit.  Jason was awake for this picture, even though his eyes were closed.  The kids were tired because of it being finals week.  We were so glad to get to spend a little more time with the Profitts.
 Jeffrey took this picture of Beth and me between the Admin building and the cafeteria.
 Beth and I spent Friday morning packing up her room and both vans for the return trip home.  We left mid-afternoon after the boys finished their last finals.  We got as far as Fremont, Iowa by 11:30 p.m. and continued on to Colorado on Saturday, the 20th.

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