Thursday, April 9, 2015

Emily's 17th birthday

 Emily's sister-in-law Joy made this pink cake for her.  She opened presents at Randy and Joy's house.  She got nice things from friends and family.
 Micah and Quil were happy to give her flower seeds and bulbs, so "when they are pretty, Emily can take more flower pictures."
 The gift we got her, a new backpack, was especially useful when she left the day after her birthday on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona on the airplane, and then on to a Youth Camp in Palmdale, California, traveling with a group.  Her favorite friends at camp were Emma and Ellen Bishop.
Sister Debbie "found" her at the airport and she was a favorite too.
 The part of California where the camp was was kind of rocky and desert-y,
but was still beautiful.
 Emily enjoyed Rev. Duane Elmore's messages, which compared learning to drive safely with our Christian walk.
 Rev. David Spivey was one of the leaders of the camp and he was the one who got Emily interested in going to the camp when we met him last summer at Kansas State Holiness Association Camp.
 David Spivey and the other leaders of the camp.  The one in the middle was the leader of Emily's Blue Team.
 On Monday, after the camp was over on Sunday, a large group of adults and teens went to Santa Monica Beach for a couple of hours.  Seeing the ocean was on Emily's bucket list, so she was thrilled to get to go!
 Two days after Emily got home, she got her braces off!  Now her smile is beautiful!
Her birthday month was quite memorable!  We are proud and thankful for the young lady she has become--one who loves Jesus and strives to be a blessing to others.

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Laura Masters said...

Awesome, Beth!! :) I loved looking over the blogs and pics!! :) Praise the Lord for His goodness! :) Hallelujah! :)