Thursday, April 9, 2015

Some pictures with/of the Denver grandchildren

 This is a funny picture of Jonathan, Jewelyn, and Micah--just for giggles.  I think they got the funny glasses and the Kanga and Roo at a town event they went to.
 Once when they came up to see us, the boys all wore hand-me-down overalls from when Randy, Tim, and Jeffrey were young!
 One of Jewelyn's new tricks: pulling up to everything and walking around things.  She also has been caught standing alone!  She will be one year old on April 26!
 Sometimes Grandma gives little boys haircuts to be a blessing to their busy mama.
 Emily and Jonathan almost matching for church one Sunday.
 Aunt Emily and her nephews on a Sunday.
 Aunt Beth, Grandma, and Jewelyn kind of matching on a Sunday.  Jewelyn likes to feel of her teeth with her tongue.
Aunts Emily and Joanna with little Jewelyn.

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