Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happenings in June 2015

Our grandson, James Aquila turned 8 years old on June 11.  On June 13, we went to the mountains west of Boulder to celebrate his birthday and have a nice mountain drive, picnic, and hike.  Here is Quil.
and Micah
Quil and Jonathan with the birthday cake
Grandpa with Jewelyn riding high
Joy helping Jewelyn to climb mountains!
Rowen and Janet
Emily with the nephews and niece after our hike
Randy's family
Randy and Joy
Jonathan and Jewelyn making bubbles
 The boys playing blocks on a Sunday afternoon
 Aunt Elizabeth and Jewelyn
 Rowen and Randy on Father's Day.  They are actually the same height.  The ground is sloped there.  They are grinning because Emily had just taken pictures with their positions reversed and Rowen was much taller.  And oh, yeah, because the photographer always says, "Smile!"
 Jonathan and Micah in the Book Nook Corner.  Micah lost his first tooth in June!
 Aunt Elizabeth and Micah and Quil.  Quil has on one of his birthday shirts.
During June 18-20, Emily and Janet went to the Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference.  On Thursday, the Vendor Hall did not open until 5 p.m., so we were able to go to different workshops during the day.  Randy and Joy were there also with their family, and we helped them out by having Jewelyn with us.  She was a good girl and even let Grandma take notes during this workshop!
 This was in the evening after the Vendor Hall was open.  Emily was in the Youth Entrepreneur Hall for the third year, selling her beautiful photography cards.  She had an 8x10 picture for sale too, of the Pacific Ocean, which sold on Saturday.  She had good sales during the three days.
 This was the young vendor directly behind us, Natalia, whose family is from Russia and still speaks Russian to each other.  She made crocheted dolls and other things to sell.
 Jewelyn and Grandma
 Jewelyn playing with some toys by our booth.
 This is a Saturday picture of our booth, taken by the mom across the way from us (pictured below).  On Saturday, Elizabeth took off work to babysit QMJ and J, so no Jewelyn pictures for Saturday!  The notebook on the left of the table shows all the sets of cards that Emily has for sale, which are tied into cute bundles on the table, (and in the box hidden under the table).  The mountain set was out as a sample (unbundled) so customers could see what the set was really like.  On the right side of the table, we had little cards (Thinking of You, Praying for You, and Thank You) that people could choose their own sets.  The blue dish was full of 135 of those little cards when we came, and we only had five to bring home at the end.  They were very popular!  The two open books show Emily's photography--not necessarily her card sets.  Emily's business name (For His Glory and Honor Photography) expresses her desire that her gift of photography bring glory and honor to God for His beautiful creation.  Rowen also came on Saturday and helped Emily at the booth and got to attend workshops.  It was very enjoyable.
 We visited quite a bit with Kendyl and her mother, Nita, at their booth across from us.  Kendyl is the painter of these beautiful Aspen scenes.  One interesting thing about the paintings is that the tree trunks are all torn from America the Beautiful sheet music!  Kendyl sold a lot of her beautiful paintings.

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