Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our trip to Iowa and Cincinnati for Jeffrey's graduation

On May 13,we traveled to Jeffrey's graduation in Cincinnati.
Jason preparing to play for the Friday evening service of Commissioning Weekend.
SWSE praying before playing the prelude before service.
Jason was blessed to sing bass in a double quartet as part of SWSE this year.
On Thursday night, Jeffrey took Rowen and Janet on a long walk to the Purple People Bridge.  On Friday night, we did it again with the whole family, only a shorter walk.  This picture is one of the bridges we saw as we walked on the PPB. This is the Ohio River, which we crossed many times since our motel was in Kentucky.
 While we were at the Purple People Bridge, the Cincinnati Reds game ended and as always, there was a spectacular fireworks show.
Graduation morning.  We got there early to get the seats we wanted.
Jeffrey in his cap and gown before the service.
Retha Elger joined us and was part of our family for the day.
Jeffrey coming in during the Processional.
Jeffrey receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies and World Missions from President Michael Avery.  Dr. Aaron Profitt is pictured between them.
Jeffrey turning the tassel.
Jason receiving the best Greek 1 student award from Dr. Alan Brown. 
Zooming in on Jeffrey's happy smile during graduation.
This is the picture scanned from a GBSC letter we got which shows the graduating class better than our picture below it.  Jeffrey is near the top right.
The graduates tossing their caps in a traditional photo. The burgandy gowns indicate AA degrees, and the black BA degrees.
Jeffrey after graduation
Jeffrey with his proud and thankful parents
Jeffrey and the young lady he is courting, Lisa 
The Albertsons who were there for Jeffrey's graduation
The Albertsons joined by Lisa
Jeffrey flanked by Dr. Allan Brown and Dr. Phil Brown
Janet and her boys
Jason and his friend, Karen Olson
Jeffrey and President Dr. Avery
Jeffrey and his mentor, Divisional Chair, and friend, Dr. Dan Glick
After graduation, we drove to Goshen, Ohio where Mark and Kristal Becker had graciously prepared for us to have Jeffrey's graduation party.  The Beckers are a vital part of the Christian Nation Church that Jeffrey (and Elizabeth) have attended while they lived in Cincinnati.  Even though it was quite a drive there, Jeffrey wanted his party close to where his church folks live, so they would be more able to attend.  In the photo below, Brother Mark, Jeffrey, Rowen, Retha, Elizabeth, Lisa, and Joanna are preparing the food table, or supervising.  :)
Brother and Sister Becker and Rowen
The Alexanders meeting Janet.  They have been special friends to Jeffrey and Elizabeth.
In this picture, Amy Weddle, Amit Dutta (with his head hiding behind Amy), Jeffrey Paulus, Sister Eisenhart (pastor's wife), Corrie Becker, Rachel Pohl, and Bethany Probst are sitting under the pavilion.  Even though it was raining off and on all afternoon, almost forty people came to the party.  We appreciated each one who came and celebrated with us!  It showed the value they placed on Jeffrey's friendship.  Others had wanted to come and weren't able to.
  We took this picture before the chapel filled with people.
Pictures of Jeffrey and Lisa
Lisa and Jeffrey visiting in front of the Girls Dorm
The Sunday afternoon service was dedicated to student ministries.  Here Jason is talking about the students who go to Connorsville, Indiana to preach, sing, teach, and do music each Sunday this past school year.  Jason and his friend Patrick will continue preaching there throughout the summer.
We posed in our "match-match" sets in the front of the chapel between services.
Just the Albertsons
The Albertsons plus Lisa
The Albertsons plus Joanna
We enjoyed all the music of the God's Bible School & College choir, SWSE, and quartets!
The Commissioning Service Sunday night closed with all of the Board and Faculty of GBSC and the graduates' parents praying for the graduates.
After the Sunday evening service, we went over to Aaron and Lisa Profitt's home for snacks and visiting.
On Monday, May 18, we helped Jeffrey pack up his dorm room and load the vans.  Then we left Cincinnati and started for home.

 Jeffrey and Lisa will be attending Summer Institute of Linguistics all of June and July in Grand Forks, ND at University of North Dakota.  After that, they will be working together as Youth Leaders at Omega Church in Oskaloosa, Iowa.  It will give them a year of working together before finding what God has for them to do next.  A missionary family has graciously given Jeffrey the privilege of living in and caring for their home while they go to the mission field in Africa.  We are excited for the way the Lord is leading and providing.
After a SWSE music and work trip to Grand Cayman, Jason is back in the U.S. and will be working this summer at Higher Ground Conference and Retreat Center in West Harrison, Indiana. He will work hard and keep very busy as a grounds keeper and anything else they need him to do, plus preaching at Connorsville every other Sunday.

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