Monday, May 4, 2015

Jewelyn's first birthday

Sunday, April 26 was Jewelyn's first birthday.  After church, she played with Grandpa Albertson and tried to be patient, waiting for dinner to be ready.  
 She thinks her grandpa is pretty special!
 Jewelyn with her birthday balloons.
 Her birthday cake was really cupcakes.
 It was her first time for chocolate icing and she liked it!
 It was her first time to have ice cream, homemade ice cream! and she liked that too!
 Jewelyn and her daddy
 A sandwich kiss from her mommy and daddy!
 Opening presents
 She is already learning to like books!
 Joy's 28th birthday was two days later (April 28).  She is holding the card that Emily made for her with a cute sketch of a girl on it.
 Jewelyn put her doggy to bed in the dolly basket! :)
We are so glad we have gotten to be around Jewelyn a lot the first year of her life!

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