Monday, May 4, 2015

Easter Sunday pictures

These are pictures taken on Easter Sunday.  These taken in Johnstown were in the afternoon, later than the ones that are farther down in the post.  
Emily and Elizabeth

Janet and Rowen
Elizabeth, Emily, Rowen, and Janet
Emily, Janet and Elizabeth

 These pictures are taken at Randy and Joy's house in Federal Heights.  It was a bright, sunny day, and it was hard to get everybody smiling at once!
Quil, Micah, Jewelyn, and Jonathan

 I told you it was bright out there!

 Emily with the niece and nephews
 Joy with her four blessings
 Joy and Quil
 Joy and Randy
 Joanna with Jewelyn
 Emily with Jewelyn
So thankful for the reason we have Easter Sunday.  It is not only about taking pictures.  It is the fact that Jesus died for our sins, but the grave could not keep Him.  He rose triumphantly and still lives today!  He is the reason we can have joy and peace in life!

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