Monday, May 4, 2015

Missionary visit from the Manners

It has been one of our great privileges through the years, to have missionaries stay with us on their way through Colorado.  On April 1-3, we were thrilled to have Byron and Melissa Manners stay with us.  They usually live in Taiwan, and very seldom are home for deputation.  We loved getting to meet them and spend some time with them.  
The first evening, they gave us our own private missionary service with pictures of their ministry in Taiwan.
 The second evening, because of the cold, snowy weather, they (being used to winter in Taiwan being much warmer than that) decided not to drive to Denver for an Easter Passion Play, and we spent the evening playing Ticket to Ride, Mexican Train, and Chicken Foot dominoes.  We had such an enjoyable time and were sorry to send them on their way the next morning.
 God bless the dear and good Manners!!!  :)

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