Monday, May 4, 2015

Jeffrey's College Senior Portraits

Since Jeffrey is so far away from us in Cincinnati, Ohio, Emily was not able to shoot his senior pictures.  A God's Bible School and College student and friend of Jeffrey's, Rachel Pohl, took these pictures of Jeffrey.  She did a good job!
 Rowen likes this picture best because of him having his backpack on--he's ready to go and do the next thing for the Lord.
 The next thing is Summer Institute of Linguistics in North Dakota June 4-August 1.  It costs a lot of money, but we are trusting God will provide all that he needs.  In these classes, he will gain understanding of how to acquire other languages.
 He will be graduating mid-May.  If the Lord lays him on your heart to give a gift or to pray for him, it will be appreciated!
 Jeffrey's degree is Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies (Missions).
This one is Emily's favorite!

 This one is Janet's favorite one!
Congratulations, Jeffrey on all your hard work the past four years.

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