Saturday, September 5, 2015

Where did August go?

On July 30, we went to McPherson, Kansas for the Kansas State Holiness Association camp meeting.  Even though we missed half the camp by going on Thursday, it was a special camp with God's presence in the services.  My sister, Brenda Owens and her daughter, Rebekah came for the first time.  My sister Marlene DeOrnellis came for her second year in a row!  
  I enjoyed sister time with Brenda and Marlene.  This night, we had on the same colors.
  We get a lot of walking exercise on this Central Christian College campus.
 Don, Valerie and Brooke Quales were the song evangelists.  We enjoyed their singing very much.
 After camp was over, on Monday, we drove on to Joplin, Mo. and spent some time with Tim and Brenda and Charissa.  Here is Charissa, busy in her outdoor kitchen!
 We spent some time over at my parents' house.  They get to see Charissa a lot more than we do.
 We also went over to Baxter Springs to see my sister Sherry. 
 Grandpa read Charissa a book.
 Grandpa and Tim played with Charissa's letters...
 Emily and Charissa had their hair combed alike.
 Charissa gave some great hugs!
 Charissa loves to be read to.
 We went to church on Wednesday night at Joplin C of G (H).  Notice that Emily's camera did not know what to do with the humidity there!
 We went to a walking trail that has been made on the site of the old St. John's Hospital that was destroyed in the May 22, 2011 Joplin Tornado.  This picture represents the fact that Tim and Brenda are expecting a baby in February 2016!!
 We wore our matching clothes that day!  I have added on a ruffle to Charissa's jumper to help her get more use out of her matching clothes!
 Rowen had his hands full with people he loves!
 There was a nice bench to sit on to take a picture!  This place looks nothing like it used to look.  It is so different, that it is hard to remember just how the St. John's Hospital sat.
 On August 6, we gathered together 19 members of the Scoles clan on the outskirts of Branson to celebrate Rex and Wanda Scoles's 60th wedding anniversary.  Below are two of the three cabins that we rented for three days.
 They were each very nice and comfortable.  We gathered for meals in one cabin, depending on where the cooks were staying.  We visited a lot, told stories, played games, acted out Bible story pantomimes, and in general had a great time together!
 There was a swimming pool there that most of us got to enjoy.  This day Emily and I were teaching the others some exercises we did in water aerobics class this summer.  The next day, we played P-I-G with a ball and the round inter-tube.
 There was a HUGE bear in each of our cabins.  We had fun with them.  They were even featured in one of the Bible story pantomimes about the bears eating the youth who made fun of Elisha.  There were also lots of stuffed fish decorations which came in handy for the story "Fish on the Right Side!"
 Tim and Brenda on the morning that the Albertsons made the breakfast meal.
 We taught Grandpa Scoles the Qwirkle game with our travel version.
 On August 7 in the evening, we had pictures to commemorate the occasion.  Mother feels more "normal" with her glasses on, even if they are reading glasses.
 Here are the grandchildren and one great-grand who were there.  Only Tim (Brenda and Charissa) and Emily from our family, and Rebekah, Leah, and Andrew from Brenda's family.  We were sorry the rest couldn't be there.  The older everyone gets, the harder to get together.  At their 50th, all 17 grands were there.
 Charissa was the only great-grandchild there.  She spends time with Grandma and Grandpa Scoles every Sunday.  She loves them very much and they love her and always have macaroni for Sunday dinner for her!
 We were missing the youngest sibling, Wesley, but we did save him a spot in the back with Lyndell, in case anyone could figure out how to clone him in with Photoshop!
 The in-laws added in.
 There was nothing flat about the terrain around there, so Tim helped Grandpa keep Grandma safe after the pictures.
 Leah made this beautiful and yummy cake for the celebration.  The cake topper was on their wedding cake 60 years ago.
 Rex and Wanda with their anniversary cake.
 Sherry and Marlene were behaving in this picture, but the rest of the time, they were playing tricks on each other.  We had a lot of laughs!
 On Saturday, everybody had to leave the cabins, so we drove to Lambert's Cafe, the home of the throwed rolls, for one last meal together.  There wasn't a table big enough for all of us, so we were at three tables.
  Tasha and Caleb, Sherry's kids, were able to come for this meal, so there were 21 of us.
 On our way home from Lambert's, we stopped near Springfield at the Wild Animal Drive Through Safari.  There were some animals in fences that we saw before we went on the drive through part.
 On Sunday, we went to church at Joplin both morning and evening and had dinner at Mother and Daddy's house.  Tim and his grandma.
 That evening, the church people and other special people-relatives and friends-celebrated after church with more cake and ice cream.
 Rex and Wanda with their "Actual 'Day of' their 60th wedding anniversary cake."
 The next day, we came home and started resting up from our wonderful vacation!  :)

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