Thursday, September 17, 2015

More about August 2015

A cute picture of Jewelyn
 "Grandma, will you read a book to me?"  
 Beautiful mums on our walk on Aug. 24
 Janet's 54th birthday
 Janet with the cake our dear friend, Lois, made and surprised us with.  It was a providential cake, as the cheesecake experiment did not turn out well!
 We had some new neighbors over for cake and ice cream that evening:  Grant, Cortny, and Josiah
 Our favorite librarian retired after 42 years...
 We wrote her well wishes and appreciation notes.  She was one of the first people we met when we moved here in August, 1989!  She has known all our kids since Randy and Tim were 4 and 2, and has watched the others as babies, growing kids, and adults!
 Joanna and Janet by some pretty flowers at Lois's house when we returned the cake taker.
 Emily and Janet
 The Dresden Plate quilt bound and finished, with throw pillows to match.  I loved the rounded corners on this quilt--they made it so easy to bind!  After the quilt show in October, it will go to some of our favorite people in Ohio--Ron and Becky Profitt.  After Becky got Rowen and Janet together so long ago, she deserves a big thank you!
 Close up of the quilt
 Emily started her senior year on August 25!
 The girls got the memo that Sunday and coordinated in blue.

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