Friday, November 13, 2015

October busyness

(Church ceiling project continued from September) After all the drywall, sanding, texturing, painting of the new church ceiling, installing of the new lights and fans, there was a lot of cleaning to do.
 Randy is caulking around the re-installed trim, preparatory to painting the trim, and repainting the walls.
 Rowen getting in on the vacuuming "fun."
 After vacuuming the pews, Emily went over them all with a damp rag.  There was a lot of dust, even though we had had them covered.
 More of Randy caulking, using the plank between two ladders.  We need another picture of the finished job, but I guess we haven't taken that picture.  Since then, Randy and Rowen converted the men's restroom into a wheelchair accessible handicap rest room.  That was another week's project.  Just yesterday (Nov. 12) we got new porch, steps, sidewalk, and ramp installed at the church, so we will have to get more pictures and have another post about that!
 October 4 was Life Chain Sunday and we participated in the Greeley Life Chain.
 Of course, Emily was also there, but behind the camera, as usual.
 A homemade sign any of us would be qualified to hold.
 Emily has been blessed to take violin lessons every Wednesday afternoon this semester from Teri Ong.  She has learned how to do vibrato and many more positions on the violin.  She will be in a recital on December 12.
 Our beautiful mums!
 A picture of us before we went out to eat for our 32nd anniversary!  What a privilege to be in a loving and blessed marriage relationship, where Christ is the head of our home!
 We have enjoyed all the beautiful fall colors this year.  This tree is in front of Medical Center of the Rockies, where we have spent many hours since August, visiting our friend Tami.  She died on October 21.  We have hope that she made it to heaven, the fruit of many years of prayer and sharing Christ, the result of God's mercy and grace.
This is not a good picture of her, but I put it on here to remember her.  She was only 46, but choices from her youth destroyed her liver and took her life much too soon.  We loved Tami and miss her, but we are glad that she took care of things with God and was ready to go.

 I had frozen some zucchini to make two batched of muffins for the Quilt Show Bake Sale.
 Following are pictures from the 2015 Quilt/Craft/Demo Show.  

 These are Jonathan and Jewelyn's small quilts that I made December, 2014 and quilted on my own machine.
 This is the only quilt I have made and completed during 2015.
 The twin quilt I made for Elizabeth that she used at college.  I completed it May 2014, but because it was at college in Ohio with her, it had not been in the quilt show before.  She will take it with her when she goes again next August.
Emily's cross stitch quilt that her Grandma Wanda Scoles made.
 Elizabeth's cross stitch quilt that her Grandma Wanda Scoles made.
 Jason's quilt I completed in 2011.  It was hung upside down.  I didn't notice that until too late...
 My friend Karla Cook who was one of our demonstrators this year.  She did a neat post about the quilt show here.  Be sure and read it!  Her post saved me a lot of time :)
 Here are the viewers' choice prize winners for this year.  1st place:  Hummingbirds and Flowers by Sharon Engels.  The applique was so beautiful.
2nd place: Jane goes Batty with Baticks by Patricia Lamfers  The intricate details of the very small blocks was amazing!
 3rd place:  El Camino Real by Judy Scarlett.  Each block represented a mission in California.
The following are pictures from Pastor Appreciation in Iowa where Jeffrey is serving as Youth Pastor.

Janet was privileged to work the Early Election Oct. 26-31, Nov. 2 in Greeley, and Election Day in Johnstown Nov. 3.  Of course, we are not allowed to take pictures so our faithful readers will have to take my word for it.

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Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

So nice to catch up with you this way. Love your pictures of the quilt show from up above! And I went through it so fast I didn't notice all the other quilts from your family, so I'm glad you showed them here. It was a fun day!