Friday, May 27, 2016

Randy and Joy moving to Mitchell, SD

Sometime back, Randy and Joy informed us that the Lord was directing them to move to Mitchell, SD to work for Faith Bible School in PR and maintenance and maybe some teaching.  Since then, they have been diligently packing and preparing to move.  When everything was packed, it was brought up to the living room to make it easier to load on loading day.
Loading day was a snowy, cold day.April 30.
Quil positioning the next box to go out the door to the truck.
After the living room was empty of the boxes.
Randy is an expert packer, using almost every inch of space.
If you hold your mouth right, you will get it closed!
The last service with Randy as our pastor on May 1.
Micah and Jonathan on that Sunday afternoon in their empty house
Jewelyn playing hide n seek in the empty cupboard
The kids playing in the empty living room.
Monday morning saying our goodbyes to Randy's family
They were packed and cozy!
I'm sure our neighbors wondered what was happening at our house, with the truck and trailers there for the weekend.  They were pulling out in this picture.
Joy had never backed a trailer before.
Randy, Quil, and Micah leaving in the big truck
Joy, Joanna, Jonathan, and Jewelyn waving good-bye.
We trust that God is going to lead and guide them in new adventures and avenues of ministry in SD!

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