Friday, May 27, 2016

Trip to Iowa-Missouri for niece's wedding

On April 15, we and Emily drove to Iowa and met Jeffrey at Tasos, a restaurant in Oskaloosa where we plan to have the wedding rehearsal dinner on August 5.
Rowen and Jeffrey at the Oskaloosa town square
Jeffrey took us to Omega Church and showed us around.
Then we went to Jeffrey's house in Sigourney to sleep.
The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast with Jeffrey before traveling to north Missouri for our niece Amanda Scoles's wedding to Michael Osborn.
We picked up Lesa on the way and also stopped at a Mennonite store that Jeffrey likes to go to.

We went to Marlene and Scott's house for a meal before the wedding.
Jeffrey looking at his wedding quilt, back from the quilter, but not yet bound.
Lots of our Scoles relatives were at Marlene's for lunch and visiting.
Marlene with Rex and Wanda Scoles, Janet and Marlene's parents
Janet and Wanda, who matched without knowing that beforehand!
Janet with Charissa and Felix
Emily with Felix
Rowen getting acquainted with Felix for the first time!
Lisa and Blaire with Felix and Sayde, Marlene's dog
The church where Amanda's wedding was
The family contingent who were seated early
During the wedding
During the wedding
Leah, Rebekah, and Blaire with Felix after the wedding
Emily, Janet, and Rex
Rex and Wanda with great-grands, Felix and Charissa
After the wedding, we went back to Jeffrey's house and Tim and Brenda came too.  The next day, we ate at Jeffrey's future in-laws' house.  Felix relaxed while we ate.
After dishes, Jeffrey took us to a special bridge in Ottumwa (City of Bridges) where he and Lesa attached a lock to the bridge commemorating their engagement.
This bridge spans the Des Moines River.
The special lock!  Somewhere in this river there are two keys that were "thrown away" after the lock was placed on the fence.
Tim and Brenda and their precious children

The Match-match people!
Felix was tired out!
That night, Jeffrey preached a good sermon at Omega Church.
The next morning, Felix took a nap on our bed while we packed to start home.
Almost to Des Moines, there were these beautiful tulip beds.
We had to stop so Emily could take pictures!
They were so beautiful!
Emily wanted this picture when we got back into Colorado that evening.

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