Thursday, July 23, 2009

30th High School Reunion

One reason for going to Joplin in July was my high school reunion. I can't believe it's already been 30 years! That's how all old people talk, I suppose. :)
On July 18, some of our class met at Shifferdecker Park. It was a bring your own picnic, or just show up and visit casual type of affair. It was very interesting to visit with these 'old' friends! :) When we thought everybody who was coming had arrived, we took this group picture. Of course, right after that two more of the class showed up!
Pictured below from left to right:
Duane Farmer, James Severin, Sally Jamison, Martha Walker, Gay Cragin, Debbie Wolf, Carlyss Bybee, Debbie Johnson, Gary Brewer, Marie Conlin, me, Kent Thelen, Marci Mueller, Ann Haughawout, Jimmy Mitchell

Marci, Debbie, Sally, Marie, Gay

Gay, Sally, Marie, Debbie, me, Ann, Debbie

In the evening, we went to Butcher Block Banquet Center for the evening meal. It was sure yummy! The following pictures were taken there. There were a lot more of my classmates there, as well as from Parkwood (our rival school when I was growing up), but I was too busy talking to get many pictures...
Christi Lowe and her husband, Jody Wells

Wes Dodson and his wife, Tracey

Marci, Ann, Gay, me, and Cyndi Watts

Ann and Kent Thelen, Paul and Cyndi Smith

Laura Doner and Marci Everson

Marci came all the way from Alaska for the event. It was so good to see her again. At the 20 year reunion, we had a table with the Thelens, Smiths, and Marci; we managed to do that again, adding in Laura, who was so fun to visit with after so many years!
Here is the professional picture of all of our class that was there.

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