Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kit Carson County Fairgrounds Carousel at Burlington, CO

Several times in our treks across Kansas and Colorado, we have stopped at Burlington, CO at the Kit Carson County Fairgrounds to ride the Carousel. It was built for Elitches in Denver in 1905 and moved to Burlington in 1928, when Denver got a carousel where the animals move up and down. These animals are stationary, and the carousel spins at 12 mph, which seems very fast. The carousel was completely restored in 1976. (Be sure and click on both links to get all the information!) We stopped here on Monday on our way home from Joplin, especially so that Jeffrey could experience it again. Last time we were there, Jeffrey was not with us. It's about 3 hours from journey's end for us, and a nice time to have a break from the car.

Our children on their mounts. I believe the carousel was in motion for this picture.

The "Monster" organ plays 255 pipes, all with air bellows, and paper rolls like a player piano.
Click on the sentence above to hear "Stars and Stripes Forever" played by the monster organ.

This is the "ceiling" of the carousel.

This is the center shaft on which the entire carousel hangs and rotates from a single point.

The artwork of the animals and the inside walls is amazing and beautiful.

Emily on her mount.

Beth. The largest animals are on the outside ring, and smaller ones on the inside.

Four of the inside, smaller animals were stolen in 1981. They were recovered and each have a sign like the one below:

More examples of the artwork:

Two pictures of Jason with other creatures:

The magi's camel, complete with a portrait of the magi.

None of us will ride on this giraffe because of the snake!

If you are ever traveling through eastern Colorado on I-70 during the summer months, you must stop and ride the carousel. It is only 25 cents/person. The guide/operator loves to share the history and let you look inside the innards!

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