Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family pictures from Joplin trip

These are pictures of our family at Joplin last week. Starting out I want to apologize for not getting a good picture of my wonderful mother. I started to take her picture once and she said, "Wait until Sunday. My hair is messed up." Sunday turned out too busy and I forgot. This picture is representative of the love and nurture my parents put into our visit. They were always in the kitchen making us good things to eat.

Quil and Grandma Janet

Grandma Janet and Micah

Grandma Janet and Micah

Grandpa Rowen and Micah

Grandpa Rowen and Micah


Quil helping with the mowing.

Quil in Uncle Tim's hat

Micah in Uncle Tim's hat

Micah in his carseat

Joy and Quil

Jeffrey visiting with Josh Anderson about their work trips. Josh went to Dominican Republic last summer and Jeffrey went to Haiti this summer. Josh is living with Tim and Brenda this year, working for ABE Painting, and helping with the kids' stuff.

Tim and Micah. The picture on the wall is Mother and Daddy.

Tim and Brenda

Tim and Brenda

Brenda actually had a moment to relax!

Jeffrey holding Micah at the program

Jason holding Micah

Emily with her hands full of nephews!

Beth and Micah

Beth, Micah, and Quil

Jason, Emily and Quil, Micah

My daddy, Rex Scoles

My sister, Brenda Owens and Quil

My niece, Rebekah, and Quil

My nephew, Andrew and Micah