Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Pictures from our trip to MO and IN

Here are some pictures from our time with our family in Missouri and a few from our trip to Indiana.
Joy and I at my parents' house

My daughters-in-law, Brenda and Joy in Brenda's kitchen

Around the table at Tim and Brenda's. Randy and Tim weren't there because they were still at the Home Show.

The next evening after church, Randy and Tim were with us.

This is a funny picture because of my eyes, but it was taken the next night at Randy and Joy's house. I was telling a story from my childhood.

Sunday afternoon pictures on my parents' front porch. Quil was sick, so only Micah is pictured.

Randy and Joy at Tim and Brenda's house

Rowen reading to the grandsons

Rowen playing with Quil

Tim and Brenda relaxing at home

My parents, Wanda and Rex Scoles, at church on Sunday

Roadside picnic on the way to IN. It was a cold, windy day, so we stood in the sunshine!

Video chatting with Jeffrey and Jason from our motel room in IN. They did not get to come on the trip because of working at ACE Hardware.

Emily took most of these pictures.

Here is a video of Grandma Janet singing "Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain" with Quil and Micah. I had been singing it with Micah and then Quil came over for his turn. This was in our motel in Plainfield, IN.

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