Friday, March 11, 2011

Outreach and Bus Ministry Convention

Randy and Joy, Tim and Brenda have been to Bus Convention every year since they started doing children's work, but this year was the first time for any of the Johnstown Albertsons to get to go. The location of Bus Convention alternates between Lebanon, PA and Camby, IN, with this year in Indiana. Because of our involvement in children's ministry in Federal Heights each Sunday evening, we felt it was important that we go when it was going to be "this close" to us. The dates were March 1-3 and the days were full of workshops and evenings crowned with wonderful services that were a blessing to each of us.

One bonus of Bus Convention was getting to see our special friends, the Barnards. It had been over five years since we had seen them in person, but Beth and Jonelle are phone buddies and keep in touch that way!
Beth and (Marcia Alice) Jonelle

Jonelle, Merilee, and Micah

Merilee, Mercy, and (Marcia Alice) Jonelle

Here are some of us at the Bus Convention. We didn't take a lot of pictures during the services or workshops, but we really enjoyed and benefited from being there. We have new ideas and desires to do more for Christ in our children's ministry!

The Union Bible College choir sang on Wednesday night and the singing was wonderful. Our friend, Jerry Glick, is a wonderful director, and the students sang with God's spirit.

One of the classes was conducted on a bus ride. Barbara Baker has a lot of ideas on how to make the bus ride to church full of ministry!

We are thankful for the opportunity to go to Bus Convention this year!

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