Sunday, May 15, 2011

Graduation 2011

Our family has been associated with CHESS (Colorado Heritage Education School System) for nearly all of our home schooling years as our home school umbrella school. CHESS provides enrichment classes, achievement testing, support, and graduation ceremonies. This is the third time we have had students graduating in the CHESS Pageant of Wisdom ceremony. (Tim graduated up at Faith Bible School because Randy was graduating [college] there at the same time.)
This year we graduated two from high school at once. Beth graduated after 13 years of school, and Jason crammed his 13 grades into 11 years! Ever since he did Kindergarten and First Grade the same year, he has been ahead one year. Then as time went on, he was able to finish classes and do extra ones in the last four years. So he is done with all high school classes before he turns 16! But he is not finished with learning with Mother and Daddy, since he will have to have driver training at some point! He will be working at ACE Hardware saving money for college until he gets a little older.
Beth is going to stay home this next year and get a crash course in homemaking and nursing while Mother has chemotherapy.
We are proud of both of them applying themselves and being diligent about school and in our home and in ministry of various kinds.
Here are a few more pictures from the graduation evening, May 12.
The commencement speakers: David McCasland and Senator Scott Renfroe

Jason and Beth coming in the procession at the beginning of the service

Beth and Jason waiting to receive their diplomas.

Jason receiving his diploma from Mr. James Clifford
The picture of Beth receiving hers was too blurry to publish

The recessional

CHESS Graduating Class of 2011

The graduating class and the honor flag girls

Proud parents with the graduates

Emily and Beth

Jason and Lincoln Brown

Dr. Cara Brown, Lincoln, Faith, Hope, and Beth
Beth babysits for the Browns so they are like family to us!

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