Sunday, May 15, 2011

Johnstown Historical Society Tea Party, May 14

Pat Kiovsky, a new Johnstonian and JHS member, put together a fun Mother-Daughter Tea at the Parish House on May 14. There were 40 guests for tea, and a wonderful speaker, Cindy Webb, talked about "Our Love of Hats." She makes and restores hats and inspires people to wear hats! It was very interesting and everybody had a good time.

Here are some of the yummy things we got to eat!

The lovely place settings and one of many beautiful tea pots used.

Here are the servers who did such a fabulous job! Linda Kirchner, Pat Kiovsky, and Beth Albertson

Pat Kiovsky and Chris Jennison

Emily Albertson and Linda Kirchner

These guests arrived so appropriately attired for the occasion that I had to snap their picture!

Here are some of the guests, most of whom were new to the Parish House, and we hope will be interested in JHS membership!

Cindy gave away this doll to a little girl who guessed her age correctly!

During her talk, Cindy explained the construction of various hats, and modeled them. Some of the hats, she put on the guests' heads--including Emily, who had a great time! After the tea was over, anyone could try on a hat.

The following pictures are not of hats, but of "fascinators" which clip on to one's hair for decoration, or can be added on to a hat.

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The Dickinsons said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Loved the fun hats (but can you imagine wearing those big things around? =) I LOVE hats...but those look a little BIG for me. =)
All the goodies looked delicious! Glad y'all could go. That was nice that Beth and Emily helped serve. =)