Sunday, May 15, 2011

Graduation party May 13

We planned a very simple reception for Beth and Jason since graduation came so soon after Janet's surgery (April 28). They were both content to have brownies and ice cream to serve our guests. Sixty-nine friends came to help us celebrate! Emily was in charge of keeping all the children happy--outside part of the time, so we don't have pictures of everybody who came, since Emily is our main photographer! Rowen and Jeffrey served everybody, so they weren't manning the cameras. Beth and Jason greeted everyone. I tried to get everybody to sign the guest sheet and visited.
Piles of brownies!

Table with pictures of Beth and Jason, place to sign in and put cards or gifts

Jason and Beth calmed their nerves by playing the piano together before the guests arrived.

Jeffrey serving ice cream.

Beth welcoming Jerry and Heather Esparza, Alex and Jenae

Beth greeting Hannah Campbell, Dr. Matt Brown

Some of the Mendez family

Sherolyn and Eladio Cruz

Jonathan Lucas visiting with Paul and Renee Metien

Tonya Sickler and Anna Lucas visiting. The computer was showing a slide show of pictures of Beth and Jason's lives.

Janet, Marlene Reynolds, and Regina Yancey visiting.

Ben and Marlene, Kassie and Titus--they used to be featured in our blogs about Sunday School at Federal Heights, but they live in Yoder, CO now, and we haven't seen them for so long!! So glad they were willing to drive 3 hours to celebrate with us!

Many kids and Steve Cunningham playing in the back yard.

The trampoline was kept busy.

I think this was Tag.

We were so thankful for beautiful weather after two days of constant rain!
Christy and Manoj Manohoran, Kelly Kaus, Kassie and Titus

So glad Bob and Catherine Desmond were able to come!

The Yancey boys and Alex Esparza played Jason's guitar...

Lincoln and Titus watched the slide show.

Rowen, Pastor Mike Yancey, Jeffrey, Dr. Matt Brown, Ben Reynolds, and Jonathan Lucas

Stacy McVey, Steve Cunningham, Jason, and some Lucas children playing Foosball.

Marlene Reynolds, Regina Yancey, Sherolyn Cruz, Beth, Jerry Esparza, and Pastor Mike Yancey

All of the J-M Homeschoolers and the Johnstown neighbors did not get photographed. That's what happens when Emily is in charge of all the kids--no one takes the pictures!
It was a fun evening, and we felt honored by each one's presence.

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The Dickinsons said...

Congrats to both of them! The graduation party looked like a lot fun...and the brownies and icecream looked yummy! =) Wish we could've joined y'all! I noticed that Mrs. Janet looked really nice. Praying for her!