Monday, September 3, 2012

Kansas State Holiness Association Camp at McPherson, Kansas

July 23-29 was the KSHA Camp at McPherson, Ks.  Beth and Jason were able to get days off work so they could be in all of camp.  Emily and I went along on their vacation, were at camp Monday-Thursday morning, then we all went over to Joplin, where Beth and Jason left us and went back to camp on Friday.
Beth went to Children's Services every day to be a helper and to gain new insights and wisdom for our children's services in Federal Heights.
 These dear people are our friends, Jean Shannon, Jim and Anna Tremaine.  I have known Jean almost all my life, but Jim and Anna were new friends that we had so many fun meals, visits, and games with while we were at camp.
 Rodney and Melissa Loper and son, Colton.  Rodney is our online pastor, pastor of Hobe Sound Bible Church.  The Lopers sang for the camp, and Rodney was the Bible Teacher.
 Melissa, Rodney, Scott, Brooklyn, and Breanna
Breanna and Brooklyn   Brooklyn and I share birthdays, many years apart!
Steve and Karen Mills and son, Tyler  Steve was one of the camp evangelists.  Karen writes children's ministry materials, which we are now using at Federal Heights.  Karen and I have exactly the same birthday, one year apart!
 The Loper family singing together.
 Daniel Stetler, one of the camp evangelists, also President of Hobe Sound Bible College
 Beth, Jason, and Emily worked in the kitchen after each meal, doing dishes.  Emily also did, but of course, she was taking these pictures, so it can't be proven!

 Jason and Emily played their cello and violin in the services.  Their playing from the first service encouraged others to bring their instruments, and there was a nice orchestra!

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