Monday, September 3, 2012

Smith-Kirks Reunion July 28, 2012

This is a picture taken of most everybody who was there.  It is from Facebook; Emily's camera had run out of battery by then.
I hadn't known whether to plan to go to the Smith-Kirks Reunion in advance this year, but it did work out that I could go with Mother and Daddy and Emily, since Joy wasn't threatening to have the baby immediately when we got to Joplin.  So I was glad to be able to go and see relatives I rarely ever get to see.  This is the drive into my brother, Lyndell's land, where he has built this multipurpose building and a nice lake.  
 I took a bunch of balloons out to the end of the lane so people would know where to turn in.
 The view of the building from the lake.
 The view of the lake
 My daddy and brother-in-law, Charlie, visiting.
 My cousin-in-law, Darla Hulett, and I had a wonderful visit while we paddled around on the lake.
 Emily and her cousin, Tasha Wampler in the paddle boat
 My daddy and my sister, Sherry
 Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Thelma Smith, and my daddy and mother, Rex and Wanda Scoles
 Looking up from the kitchen to the next level
 My cousins, Kevin and Kent cooked the hamburgers and hotdogs to perfection.
 Darla and me
 Darla, LaDeana, and me.  LaDeana is my cousin, and Darla is married to LaDeana's brother, Brent.
 My niece, Amanda Scoles
 My niece, Leah Owens
 The downstairs bedroom.  Some of the people eating from left to right:  Rebekah Owens, Mother, Aunt Geneva, me, Charlie Owens, Daddy, Brenda Owens
 Some of the cousins eating in the upstairs bedroom
 Lots of relatives eating under the pavilions outside
 Another outside table, with Michelle Hulett, Leah, Amanda, Andrew Owens, Kent Hulett
 Emily took all the pictures except when she was in the boat.  She took many pictures of the frogs in the lake, and she also managed to catch one.  Last I heard, no one had kissed it!
It was a fun day and I am so glad I got to go!

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