Monday, September 3, 2012

More miscellaneous pictures from Joplin; I couldn't resist!

I played a LOT of games while I was in Joplin.  This is a Safety game that Quil and Micah loved to play.  It was all about making good, safe decisions and moving along the board.
This was another favorite, Qwirkle.  We played it many times.  The boys have lots of fun games, and I believe we played them all, most of them repeatedly.  
 One of the meals when Tim and Brenda came over to Randy and Joy's house.  Jeffrey lived in Joplin all summer, working for Randy and Tim's ABE Painting Company, and Joanna, Joy's sister, was visiting during this time.  Of course, Emily was there, behind the camera lens too.
I don't know why Quil is looking at Aunt Brenda in this picture, but I think it is a neat picture.
 Even Aunt Brenda got to have a turn holding the baby!
 Micah loved holding his new little brother.
 Aunt Ranae, Joy's sister, brought over M&Ms.  They had a good time playing with their food before they ate them.

 Another of Micah and Jonathan
 Quil and Micah playing with their cars and trucks in their room.  They love to do this for hours!
 Jonathan on the changing table
 The baby shower cake for Jonathan.  We didn't let him eat any of it! :)
 My parents celebrated their 57th anniversary on August 9 and took Emily and me out to eat that day!
 Emily asked if they ever kissed anymore?
 Jeffrey holding Jonathan after the baby shower.
 That's me with the baby and the shower balloons.
 Emily's turn in the balloon-spot (kinda like limelight).
Charissa wanted a picture with the balloons!
A nice picture Emily captured of Quil
A Tim Albertson Family pose 
                         My parents when they were over at Tim and Brenda's house for supper.
                                A conversation with my daddy
                              Mother holding Jonathan for the first time.
                                    Daddy just a little amused at something
                             See, my hair is not as curly as Shirley Temple's!
                             My mother relaxing after feeding everybody Sunday dinner
                                     The Randy Albertson family at church
                               Jonathan's first time to church.
                            Charissa and her Grandma Albertson

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