Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last part of our Missouri trip pictures

 Saturday night, we walked over to some friends' house to help move a couch, then on to a park to play a bit.
 It was getting darkish, so we couldn't play long.  We had to walk back to Tim and Brenda's in the dusk.
 These are some pictures from Sunday.  Charissa had a new jumper on.

Lots of pictures on Grandma Scoles's front porch.  So thankful for the beautiful weather we had while we were there.
 Charissa was trying to get away, but we'll pretend she still remembers all those trips up and down the slide, and that she loves Grandma.
 Sweet picture of Rowen and Jonathan
 Here we are with all of our precious grandchildren!
 Emily wanted pictures with the boys:  Micah
 Quil and Micah
If you want to see any more pictures of our trip, let us know, or come over, we have several hundred more!  ;)

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