Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More pictures from our Missouri trip (Part 2)

 Charissa and Janet enjoying the swing on Grandma and Grandpa Scoles's front porch
 Wanda Scoles, Janet's mother.  It was such a gorgeous day to sit on the porch swing and visit!
Rex Scoles, Janet's daddy.  He was trimming around their many flower beds.
 At some point, every little 1 1/2 year old girl wants to move porch furniture...
 A really sweet picture of Charissa
 Jonathan, most photographed 10 month old in Joplin...
 Joy and Quil leading the way on a walk to see the progress in a bird's nest they've been watching.

 Joanna, (Joy's sister), Micah, and Jonathan on the same walk.  Emily was along too, but she was taking pictures.
 Micah and Jonathan being sweet!
 The eggs still haven't hatched!
  Randy and his son, Jonathan, having fun together.

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