Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Part 4 Another picnic at Schermerhorn Park!

Schermerhorn Park is one of our favorite places to have a picnic with our family.  It is in Galena, Kansas.  We have blogged about it before.
We grilled our supper over briquets, which takes awhile, so Janet pushed Charissa and Jonathan around in their strollers to keep them content.
 Randy arrived between ABE Painting jobs.
 Two little boys, always glad to see Daddy!
 Tim and Brenda hanging out by one of the ABE vans.  Rowen was heading back to a grill to turn or stir something.  We used two of the grills to have lots of yummy food to eat.
 These vegetable/chicken kabobs were on one grill, and foil wrapped potato chunks and brocolli/cauliflower vegetables on the other.
 Charissa having a walk with her daddy.
 Brenda and Charissa taking a stroll.
Rowen and Janet
 Emily and Jonathan
 Jonathan doing something funny with his tongue.
 The kids all posing in/by a hollow tree.
 Emily and Charissa
 Jeffrey and Quil
 Micah and Jeffrey
 Emily and Joanna
 Quil and Micah, hanging out on the bridge
 Jeffrey and Jonathan
After eating, after a walk in the woods, we played on the play equipment for awhile.  Jonathan loved the swing.
 He loved for Grandpa Albertson to push him in the swing.
Charissa does not like to swing.  She actually trembled in fear when we put her in the one by Jonathan.  But she didn't mind being on someone's lap to swing.
I found out she loved slides!  She nearly wore Grandma Albertson out going up and down this slide!
 I think all the time on the slide gave me some brownie points with her.  :)
She noticed the big slide and wanted to go down it too!
 It was a fun evening for all of us, except maybe Randy, who had to eat and then go back to work. 

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