Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kansas State Holiness Association camp meeting, McPherson, Ks.

 It was our privilege to go to the KSHA camp meeting in McPherson, Kansas last week.  We so much enjoyed and appreciated the benefit to our souls and minds.  Below is Dennis Goodwin, left, camp president, and Ken Thompson, one of the speakers for the camp.
 Ken Thompson, preaching.  I have known Ken Thompson since I was a teenager.  He and his wife were missionaries to Papua New Guinea for many years.  In the 1990s, they pastored in Littleton, Co. so we got to be around them more.  Now they live in Missouri, but travel all over holding revival meetings, and it is rare we get to see them.
 Randall and Sue McElwain.  Randall was the Bible Teacher each morning and we feasted on his messages.  Randall went to KCCBS back in the early 80s when I did, and we hadn't seen him in person since we got married 30 years ago.  He and his wife have been missionaries in Taiwan and now live in Hobe Sound, Florida where he is the Hobe Sound Academy principal.  We sometimes see him online when we watch the Hobe Sound Bible Church services.  It was good to see him again and get acquainted with his wife.
 Jerry and Becky Glick and their son, Jeffrey were the singers for the camp.  We loved getting to hear them sing again.  They were the singers the first time we went in 2003.
 Emily and Jason worked in the snack shop at noon or after church, and in the kitchen at brunch 9 a.m. and dinner 4 p.m.
 Emily was manning the microwave in the room behind this curtain.
 This was a time when Jason was not working, so of course he was eating!  :)
 This was a morning meal with our friends, Jim and Anna Tremaine, Stephanie Thompson, Steve Sturtevant, and Martin Barnard.  One great thing about camp was eating with different folks and catching up or getting acquainted.
 These are the children's workers:  Bob, Lori, and June Owens.  We discovered during our meal with them that June is my brother-in-law, Charles Owens' first cousin!  It is a coincidence that their last names are the same, because their mothers are cousins.  We enjoyed visiting with these folks!
 Here are some pictures of the youth kitchen help crew.  This is the second year Jason and Emily have helped with KP duty and they enjoy helping.  They accidentally left their aprons there when we left, so we hope the person we asked to bring them back to Colorado remembered!
  Looking across the dining room and zooming in, we caught Randall and Sue and Chris Cravens in our cross hairs!  Chris Cravens was the other evangelist.  We enjoyed his preaching.
 Emily and Jason were asked to play the offertory for the Thursday afternoon missions service.  They did an excellent job.
 There was an "orchestra" every night.  Here they are playing prelude music before the evening service.  Julie Bush and Jason are the cellists; Emily on the violin, Lois Ann Query on the accordion, and Trint Castle on the trumpet.  There were others who joined in other evenings.
 On Thursday evening, our friends, Daniel and Sharonna Nuest came and we got to fellowship with them.  They had come to see us on July 4 when they were vacationing in Colorado.  Jeffrey knew Sharonna from GBS and I knew her dad when I was a teenager.
 Below is a picture of Ken and Vicky Thompson and Vicky's mother, Sister Sales.  I was so happy to spend time with Vicky.  She is a very dear friend.
 This is the new plaza outside of the dining hall at Central Christian College where KSHA camp is held.  It was new since last year.
 Our good friend, Martin Barnard.  He was the Youth leader.  Jason and Emily enjoyed being in his Bible studies.
 Our friend, Cheryl Mosley with her children Michael and Charisse, and her niece Hannah.
 The dining room, looking one direction...
 and the other.
 At this meal, we were eating with the Wrights, family of Michael Wright, one of our heroes fighting cancer.  His sister is next to Rowen, his mother next to me, and his wife and children in the other chairs.  Our constant prayers are with Michael and his precious family. 
  I think I will end this post here and continue with a new one later.

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