Thursday, August 1, 2013

More of KSHA camp, Tim and Brenda's visit

 We were thrilled when Tim and Brenda decided to come and see us at camp.  It was a four hour drive for them.  They got to McPherson at 5:30 p.m. Friday.  We met them at Freddy's for some fast food, since they could not make it by the 4 p.m. supper hour at camp.  Afterwards, I got to change Charissa's clothes.  She was very cooperative for her "computer grandma."  She has seen us more on the computer than in person in her short life.
 Later, she had had an equipment (diaper) failure and had to change clothes again.  That's why her hair bow does not match her cute outfit.
 Grandpa having a turn holding her.
 We were skyping with Jeff and Beth on the computer.  It almost made Beth cry.  She hasn't gotten to see Tim, Brenda, and Charissa in person since last Thanksgiving!  :(
 This was Saturday morning, on our way over to breakfast from our dorm.
 Brenda and I walking to join the others waiting at the cross walk.
 The Albertson breakfast table

 Emily grabbed this picture while we weren't looking.
 "If I close my eyes will the eggs go away?"
 Emily's happy face.  She had great news this week:  she won a Facebook contest for free braces from the doctor who did Jeffrey's orthodontic treatment!  Also, Jesus gave her a week without headaches!  PTL!
 Janet and Melanie Smiley!  What a dear lady who matches her name!
 Sharmen Wright and her brother, Michael Wright.  Michael was able to be at camp for the weekend, but he was not feeling well.  The tumors in his lungs are causing a lot of pain.
 Randall McElwain preaching about Songs to Sing in the Dark.  I was so glad Michael was there for that sermon, and the rest of us...
 Here we are listening to the sermon.
 Emily snuck into the children's service where the Apostle Paul was teaching the children.

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