Thursday, August 1, 2013

More of Tim and Brenda, and visit to the Sterling Albertsons

 After the morning service, we left McPherson and drove to Sterling where our nephew and his family live.  Tim and Brenda went too; even though it was in the wrong direction from home for them, they wanted to see Herb and Jenny and their three youngest.  (The three oldest were gone on a mission trip to Moore, Oklahoma.)  These pictures are in Herb and Jenny's house. They are getting ready to move, so it was our last chance to visit them there!
 Herb and Jenny graciously provided lunch for us.
 Herb, Jenny, and Daniel
 Jenny and Zeke
 At the lunch tables...Jenny had made a yummy spinach egg casserole and a scrumptious zucchini cake, besides home grown veggies.
 Daniel, Zeke, Jenny, Zach, Herb
 Charissa and the boys played Duplos awhile.
 Zach was explaining something to Charissa.  The mirror added to the cuteness of the pose.
 We had to take some pictures outside.  It was a beautiful day.
 The Albertson guys had a good discussion.
 Jenny showed the girls her garden.
 Charissa traipsed around looking cute!
 Time for goodbye hugs!
 Charissa loves her sun glasses.
 She kept trying to put them on me!
 After a time of prayer together, it was time to go our separate ways: Tim and Brenda back to Missouri, and our van back to Colorado.  We appreciated the opportunity to see our loved ones and have a little time together.  God gave us a good week of refreshment!

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