Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arms Around the World Conference April 10-12

We decided to go down to Colorado Springs and stay in a motel so we could get in on all of the services of the Arms Around the World Thursday night through Saturday night.  We did come home late Saturday night to be in our regular Sunday services.  There were workshops in the mornings, with different missionaries speaking.   Below are Randy and Sharona Dimmitt and a couple of Navajo ladies who sang How Great Thou Art in Navajo before Randy Dimmitt spoke about ministering to the Navajo, and also their plans to go to Papua New Guinea later this year.  The angle of the picture does not show the other lady.
 Emily sneaked this picture during the singing of Uncle Alvin, Rowen's cousin Katie, and Ralph and Eunice Gault, dear friends of ours.
 Another workshop service where Jonathan Lucas spoke about his construction trips with Mission Helps.  His family sang a song together before he spoke.
 Our son, Randy Albertson, spoke about outreach to inner cities, using a prayer stand and tracts, and sketchboard messages.  This is his family.  We are expecting a little girl to join their family any day now...
 A picture of Katie and Janet together.  Katie is very dear to us.  We had a meal with her and Uncle Alvin on Friday evening.
                                 Emily and Katie
 Pastor Marvin and Cheryl Mosley, Michael and Charisse. They have been in Colorado for nearly two years, but are moving back to Pennsylvania to pastor there.  We will miss them.
 John and Karen McDonald.  Brother McDonald spoke in a workshop and every evening service.  They sang every evening, and he skillfully played his guitar for offertories.
We felt the conference was very refreshing to our souls and were thankful we got to attend.

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Family on the Prairie said...

Wonderful pictures of the AAW Convention, Janet and all! We enjoy your blog so much! Also loved the pictures of Jewellyn!
Anna Lucas