Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It had been almost 25 years since we had been to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, so we decided to take Emily, Quil, Micah, and Joanna there on April 11 afternoon, while Randy and Joy were in a meeting.  Janet's favorite part was the Sky Line that took us up the mountain.  There wasn't much to do after we got up there, a play area for kids, but the ride up and back was relaxing and enjoyable.  We rode it up and down two times, first thing and last thing.  There were lots of things to look down on and talk about with Quil and Micah on the way.
One of the trips, we only had Micah with us, and Quil went with the girls.
                               This is one of the sights we saw from above!
This picture was taken up on top.  You could look out and see Colorado Springs!
This is not a real giraffe, but a fun one to take pictures with!
The giraffes are one of the main animal attractions of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  There are a lot of them, and they are very used to people feeding them romaine lettuce, so they hang out where the people are, hoping to get fed.
Micah was really scared of them, because their tongues are very long and they take the food right out of your hand!
This picture is the same time as the one above, with a different person's camera.
Giraffes' tongues are purple-blue.
This is not a real elephant, either, but Quil wanted to sit on it.  At the admission gate, Quil asked if there were elephant rides available.   He was told that the elephants here are African, not Asian, and they are not used to people, so there are no elephant rides.
We only saw these two that were out in the yard.  We elected not to go in their house, in case it was stinky, and there were so many other animals to see (and miles to walk before we were done....)
                               I thought this peacock's tail was pretty.
                               These were obviously "love birds."
                               Here is the same tiger that we had seen from above.
                                Such neat poses Emily caught!
We have pictures with Randy and Tim on this same carousel 25 years ago, so we had to take Quil and Micah on it with Grandpa standing by, as Grandpa Albertson had for Randy. (Sometime we will scan that picture and add it on to this post.)
The boys had a fun time at the zoo.  Grandpa and Grandma were tired at the end of it! :)

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