Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden of the gods with Quil and Micah

Rowen, Janet, Randy, Quil and Micah went to Garden of the gods on Saturday afternoon, April 12.  Everybody else wanted to take a nap.  There was a parking space available (you can see our van in the distance) so we grabbed it, even though it was not by the normal trails or features you think of when you think of Garden of the gods.  So we found our own features on the little hike that we took!  In this one, we are holding up the balanced rock :)
 The boys were kind of scared of standing on the ledge, so Grandma held them on.
                                 We could see Kissing Camels at a distance.
 The boys went clear to the edge of this formation.  We got them to come back to a safer place for the picture.
                                   Randy watching to see what the boys would do
                                 Quil was pretty proud of himself getting to this place all by himself.
 Here is what it looked like from where we were.  He had to go around behind and climb up there.
                                 Of course, Micah had to go up there too to be with brother.
                                    They came down the slip and slide way.
We had a fun little hike and taught them about prickly pear cactus, yucca, and lichen and told stories of their daddy in the mountains when he was a little boy.  I hope it was as special for them as it was for us.

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