Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Early February

Every other week, Randy and Joy bring Joanna up to spend a few days with us because of Bright Lights Bible Study Emily and Joanna attend every other week.  So we get to play games with the kids and have time together.  Beth and Jonathan are playing a matching colors game.
 Emily and Joanna playing Trouble with Quil and Micah
 Grandpa, Beth, and Jonathan playing Go Fish with I Spy cards
 Now they are playing Hi Ho Cherry-O.
 Jewelyn is learning how to make the train go around.
 Jewelyn ready for Night-night!
Joanna does school at our house.
 We've had nice weather a lot lately, so we have gotten some walks in.
 We have had gorgeous sunsets (and sunrises) lately.  God is so creative!
 Rowen's sister Esther visited on 2-7.
 Sometimes Grandpa falls asleep on the job...Jewelyn doesn't mind.
 Micah and Quil love for Aunt Beth to read to them.
 The girls wore their dresses alike on 2-8.
 Emily had her next to last orthodontic appointment today.  She is scheduled to have her braces removed on March 26!

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