Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January 2015 Visit from the Grouts

It was our great privilege to have Richard and Judy Grout overnight with us a couple of times in January, when they were coming and going from Idaho via airplane.  They set up a display in our family room and we had Bob and Catherine Desmond and Randy's family come for a missionary service.
 This Russian nesting doll set had extremely tiny dolls.  We got them all out, but put the littlest ones safely nested away before our grandchildren got here.  The pointing finger gives perspective to how tiny the littlest one was!
 Richard had a power point of Russian pictures playing on our computer while he talked about each one, then Judy talked about their orphan ministry.
 Afterwards, we moved to the living room and they sang and played a Russian song for us.
Jewelyn was attentive to the camera person.  Funny how young they learn that skill!  :)

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