Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Other January pictures

I'm not sure what the grandsons are doing with all their animals on the stairs--church? a crowded bus?  I thought it was cute.
 I made Rowen an apple pie for his birthday dessert.  He turned 57 on January 21.  The picture on the wall is a canvas print of one of Emily's photos that she added the scripture to and gave him for his birthday.
 Jewelyn and Grandma snuggling after the birthday supper.
 Grandpa reading to Jonathan.  He was in pajamas because it was almost time to go home and go to bed.
 On January 25, Joanna and I coordinated our colors without even knowing what the other would wear.
 We celebrated Micah's 6th birthday which was January 26.
 Both of the birthday "boys".
 Aunt Beth, Micah, and his birthday cake, which was a snow covered mountain with a plow truck trying to clear the road.
 Jonathan looking contemplative.
 Jewelyn has four teeth:  two on bottom, and two on top.  The top ones are not the middle ones.  This is the same pattern that Beth did when she was a baby.

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