Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30th Annual Woods Reunion

The 30th Annual Woods Reunion was held in Baxter Springs, KS on June 25, 2011. Below is a picture of everybody who was there when the picture was taken, except for my son, Randy, who was taking the picture, and about 10 people who arrived after the picture was done! Click to make it bigger if you care to.

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from the Woods Family Reunion. My daddy's mother was a Woods, so this goes back 3-4 generations. There are only three of the original Woods family still living: My great-uncles Walter and Lester Woods, and my great-aunt Velma Hinds. Walter is almost 96 years old and he and his wife Mary were the only ones of that generation to get to come this year.
Walter and Mary Woods

My brother, Lyndell, had gotten a Christian Flag for people to write a note to our daddy for his retirement from 50 years of ministry. Here my cousin, Caroline Taylor, and Aunt Elsie and Beth are planning what to write on the flag.

Beth, Emily, Micah and me waiting for the group picture in the gym.

Daddy gave the devotion and led the prayer time.

My grandsons, Quil and Micah, love the nursery in this church. It is well equipped with fun and educational toys. Micah playing the xylophone.

Quil playing the drums.

What is more fun than a "big cousin" to play with? Austin Scoles. Emily played with them too, but she was manning the camera.

Glenn and Melody Goodwin and children, Maggie and Max

Aunts Elsie and Joyce, sister Sherry, Mother and me

Cousins Andrew Owens, Austin Scoles, Leah, Rebekah Owens, Mandy Scoles

Joy, Quil, and Micah, Tim and Brenda, Charley Owens

Cousins: Tasha Wampler, Cody DeOrnellis, Mandy Scoles

Rowen, Daddy, and my sister, Brenda

Nephews Caleb Wampler and Andrew Owens, niece Leah Owens, and my mother, Wanda Scoles

Brother-in-laws Charley Owens and Tim Wampler, and Rowen

Niece Rebekah Owens, sister Marlene DeOrnellis

Sister Marlene, Cousins Glenn and Melody Goodwin, Christy Rowland

Daddy and his sisters, Barbara, Ruth, Leona, Elsie and Joyce

Brother-in-law, Charley Owens talking to Uncle Larry Goodwin. Larry was married to my Aunt Margaret, who is already in heaven. I enjoyed getting acquainted with his new wife, Ruth.

Cousins: Leah Owens, Mandy Scoles, and Andrew Owens

My daddy and his sister, Elsie, exchange a silly gift back and forth every few years.

She said she gets so nervous before she opens it and finds out what it is. They are both so ornery, that she deserves to be nervous!

Sons Randy and Tim talking to Aunt Elsie, Daughter-in-law Brenda talking to Aunt Joyce.

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