Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rex Scoles Ministry Retirement Party June 25, 2011

In another post, I have shared the speech I gave at my parents' retirement service. My parents have given their best to the Master. Daddy has been a pastor for 50 years, 42 of them at Joplin, MO. So many of the ones who have attended church there through the years are already in heaven, so my speech mentions many of them by name. We were honored by the 65-70 people who took time out of a busy day to come and celebrate with us. It was a hot day and the air conditioner at the church went on the blink before the party. We had fans going, moving the hot air around, but kind, gracious people listened and took turns sharing what Rex and Wanda Scoles had meant in their lives. It was wonderful!

There were at least 10 others who came that were not shown seated.

My wonderful and creative sister, Brenda, masterminded the decorations.

Her daughters, Rebekah and Leah were great help.

Some of the doilies Mother has made were used for decorating, along with many pictures from the past.

Leah, pictured above, made this beautiful cake.

Daddy visiting with some old friends.

Everybody had a good time.

While some were eating, others were watching a slide show of pictures from the past 42 years. Rowen spent many hours scanning and photoshopping the pictures to make the slide show.

It was a real blessing to us to be there and recall God's faithfulness through the years. I was blessed to be in the family with the parents God gave me. I love them very much.

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