Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Miscellaneous pictures from our trip to Joplin

Except for Jeffrey and Jason, the rest of us went to Joplin, MO for last weekend. It was a busy time because of the Scoles sibling meal, Woods Reunion, my daddy, Rex Scoles's retirement from ministry, and packing in family time.
This is a picture of my mother and me in the nursery at the church where the reunion took place.

My sister, Brenda and me at Mother and Daddy's house. We used to look more alike, before I got a wig.

Brenda's kids: Andrew, Rebekah, and Leah

Here Quil is trying on my wig. Both of my grandsons were very intrigued by Grandma's lack of hair. If I didn't have it on, "Where is your hair?" If I had it on, "Are you going to take it off?"

Micah taking a turn with the wig. He looks like a doll.

Mother babysat these young men when they were little boys. Joe Austin Finn and his wife, Dallas, on the left, and Ben Bastings on the right. They came to the retirement party and it was so good to see them again, all grown up. Our kids used to wear hand-me downs from Joe and his brother, Jared. Their family was so generous to pass on their clothes to our boys.

My niece Leah, relaxing on the back step of the church, after the retirement party.

My brother, Lyndell, and his daughter, Mandy.

Lyndell's wife, Sharen, waving goodbye.

Beth and I at the reunion.

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