Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scoles Sibling Meal

Last Thursday evening, I went with Daddy and Mother to Charlie's Chicken in Miami, OK to a Scoles Sibling pre-reunion meal. Most of my siblings also went too. This shows my daddy and his sisters: Ruth, Leona, Barbara (Bea).

Two more of his sisters: Joyce and Elsie. There is one more sister, Doris, who was not able to come. Daddy's two brothers and one other sister are already in heaven.

My uncles: Marvin (Elsie), Gene (Ruth) and Franklin (Joyce)

The whole group of Daddy and Mother and his siblings and their spouses.
Back: Franklin and Joyce Conley, Elsie and Marvin Spohn, Gene Spohn, Rex Scoles
Front: Leona Moore, Barbara Wimer, Ruth Spohn, Wanda Scoles

My aunts are really funny and delightful. They told stories about when they were young (a long time ago) about their school teachers and neighbors. They also gave gifts to each other. This is the main time they get together in the year. I was glad to get to go to this Sibling Meal. For years I have heard about the fun they have, and this was my first opportunity to witness it!

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