Thursday, December 10, 2015

Joanna's graduation

On Tuesday evening we celebrated with Joanna her successful completion of high school!
 Emily and Joanna
 Joanna and her two sisters, Joy and Ranae
 Joanna's Aunt Ruth made this beautiful cake for her.  Two of her cousins were there too.
 It was good to see Ranae again and to meet Derrick.
 Joanna opened gifts after we ate.  She got this beautiful journal...
 a new scrapbook, ( S doesn't signify anything.  She can change it out for another letter.)
 an HP laptop computer, (The rabbit picture is one she took when she was at our house.  The rabbit lives around our yard.)
 a cozy, soft blanket and body pillow,
 and a few other things...It was so good to have such a wonderful milestone to celebrate with Joanna.  We are trusting that God will lead her into the future He has in mind for her.

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