Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mainly painting the upstairs bathroom...

It's so seldom we get Emily from behind the camera, that I wanted to post this picture of her reading to the nephews.  They were all so worried and engrossed in the story line that they didn't notice the picture being taken!  :)
 Rowen had off the whole Thanksgiving week, and wanted a project to do, so, because some people were really tired of the upstairs bathroom being pink, and not liking the way the pink had gone on those years ago, we decided to repaint it with a different color.  After looking at and debating about 49 different colors, we decided on this brown one (Snug as a Bug) that went with the decorative tiles.
 We are still getting used to it, since we have had pink for so many years, but are loving the brown!

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