Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wycliffe Associates Banquet

Every 18 months, we attend the Wycliffe Associates Banquet in our area.  Wycliffe Associates is a support organization for Bible translation.  It is always encouraging and challenging to hear how God is working through His servants in the goal of getting the Bible translated into every language!
Our dear friends, Drs. Matt and Cara Brown, and their son Lincoln joined us.  This was Lincoln's first WA Banquet, as it was Joanna's also.
 A little later our friends, Grant and Courtny Rhoads, joined us.  Emily, of course, was taking the pictures, and Elizabeth had to work that night so she missed it.
 Max Lewis, the WA Banquet Coordinator, told stories and introduced the speaker, who was a translator in the Philippines for many years.
 It is a privilege to have a small part in the big work that God is doing!

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