Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rebekah's visit (continued)

One of Emily's favorite things to do is go up on our roof and take sunset pictures.  So after we drug Rebekah all over Greeley Thursday, shopping, it was too late to drive west to get the sunset.  So onto the roof went Emily and Rebekah to get this sunset picture! 
 Rebekah didn't enjoy the rooftop experience as much as Emily does, but she was a good sport!
 That evening, we went to a dinner theater production that our cousin Tiffany Desmond as in.  Her grandparents, Deane and Carolyn Hulett were out from Missouri for the drama, and ate with us at our table.  Tiffany was an older lady in the play, so her hair looked kinda like mine (Janet's).  :)
 The play was The Foreigner.  Tiffany was Betty and she ran a bed and breakfast in Georgia in the 1990s.  Her brother, Frog, brought a guest who did not want to talk to anyone, so Frog told Betty that he was a foreigner and did not understand or speak English, and it was classified information where he was from.  Because Betty had never been out of her state or county, she was thrilled to have a real, live foreigner staying at her lodge.
 Of course, the "foreigner" Charlie (on the couch) understood every word people said, but they didn't know he did, so it made a very funny evening.
 The young man on the left below (Ellridge) was mentally challenged, but he undertook to teach Charlie to talk and read English, with astonishing success--so much so that his beautiful sister pictured above, decided to share the family inheritance with him, which made her boyfriend, also pictured above, very angry, since he contrived to make Ellridge look dumb all the time.  The boyfriend wanted all the money for the KKK, of which he was secretly a member.  Charlie and Ellridge come up with a plan to defeat the KKK's desire to steal Betty's lodge as well as all the money.  It was very funny and the kids did an excellent job of acting.  The pictures below, Charlie is imitating everything Ellridge did, which gave E the idea of teaching him.
 We also got in a few rounds of Dutch Blitz and ping pong with Rebekah while she was here.  The time went 'way too fast, but it was all good.  We loved having her visit.

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