Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Randy had to work until noon on Thanksgiving, so we planned our meal for 1:30.  So we had time to start the puzzle Kelly Kaus gave me for my birthday back in August.  
 Our friends, Harold and Laurie Ryterski, weren't having their family gathering until Saturday, so they consented to being our guests!  We so much enjoyed having them over.
 After stuffing ourselves, we went to the family room for visiting, toys, and games.
 We taught Laurie how to play Ticket to Ride.  She was a good sport to learn a new game.
Quil and Micah love Legos.  Jewelyn is learning about them too.
  Aunt Elizabeth and Jonathan, looking sweet
 When Harold and Laurie left, they invited Randy, Rowen, Quil and Micah to come over to see Harold's amazing model train room.  While they were gone, Joanna helped me with the puzzle, and with her great help, we got it put together!
 When the boys got back from seeing Harold's trains, Quil was inspired to try something new with our play train track.
 He even tried his hand at making a backdrop for his train set.  The boys did love getting to see Harold's trains.  It was so kind of him to demonstrate everything for them.
We had a fun day together.  We have so many things to thank God for, everyday blessings that we don't want to take for granted.  God is so good to us.

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Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Love Quil's creativity! That is fantastic.